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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

We serve children 1 year and older.  Click here to see our areas of expertise.

Where are you located?

We come to you!  Your therapist will come to see your child at your home or at a school/childcare setting.

How long are sessions?

Session length will be recommended after the child's initial evaluation.  Typically sessions may be 30-45 minutes long 1-2 times a week.  All sessions include time for parent education and training.


What is it like to work with your Speech-Language Pathologists?

We offer individualized therapy catered to your child's needs.  During the session, we come to your home, or we can see your child at school or daycare.  Parents are welcome to attend the entire session so that you can see firsthand how we work. Because children learn best through play, our sessions will be play-based and fun.  We will also provide home practice activities as needed and we can always answer any questions you might have.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance at this time.  We are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies.  However, this does NOT mean that your insurance company will not cover some/all services.  Superbills are available by request.

If you have ever dealt with insurance, you know it can be a challenge.  By not accepting insurance, we have fewer restrictions to getting your child the care that is needed and we are able to start as quickly as possible. This also allows our therapist to follow her own recommendations for treatment without being restricted by what an insurance plan will cover.

How can I submit to insurance for reimbursement?

We are happy to provide a comprehensive insurance guide to walk you through this process.  This will help you ask the right questions when you contact your insurance company.  Feel free to reach out today for help with this process.

What are your fees?

Our rates are competitive and reflect the time we save by not participating with insurance companies. Oftentimes when using insurance, the cost of therapy is based on a lot of different variables.  We keep it simple with fixed costs for our services.  Please contact us for specific prices. 

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