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Free Phone Consultation
A complimentary  consult by phone to discuss your areas of concern. This will help us learn more about your child and determine if an evaluation and/or treatment could be beneficial.

​Speech and Language Evaluation

This takes place at your home and includes a developmental history review, parent interview, observation of play skills and interactions, and formal and informal assessment measures as needed.  This is an in-depth look at your child's speech and language skills and will identify any delays or disorders.

Fluency (Stuttering) Evaluation

A fluency evaluation also takes place in your home.  In addition to the measures used in a speech and language evaluation, your therapist will also perform a detailed assessment of your child's stuttering across several interactions.  The therapist will determine the number and types of dysfluencies and will also evaluate any social/emotional factors that may be present.

Individual Therapy Session
An in-home therapy session that focuses on your child's specific speech/language goals.  The sessions are play-based and fun for your child.  Parent education is also a key component of these sessions.

​Parent Coaching

If your 12-24 month old is struggling to communicate or is considered a late talker, you might benefit from parent coaching.  These sessions are designed for parents to learn language enrichment strategies and how to confidently set up play to encourage communication.  Please note: if your child is significantly delayed, a full evaluation may be recommended.

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Telehealth Services

Telepractice or telehealth speech therapy is a HIPAA compliant way to receive speech therapy services.  We use a two-way, secure video conferencing platform. You are able to share documents, actively participate in activities, play interactive games, and more while remaining safely at home.  Contact us today to see if telehealth is a good fit for your family.

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